#MySummerInternship at Hydromat

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Where did you Intern: Hydromat, Inc.

Department: Human Resources and Sales

Heather Kraus, BBA May 20178
Heather Kraus, BBA May 20178

Please provide a brief description of what your internship includes: My internship included mainly working with the recruitment process, so writing job posts, reviewing applicant resumes, and sitting in during interviews. I also worked with payroll and other administrative duties for the HR department. I edited data on Salesforce and organized nondisclosure agreements for the Sales department.

What do you like most about working at your company? They were very open to letting me choose projects that I was interested in.

How did your Bloch education prepare you for this experience? My management classes gave me tons of insight on what companies need to do in order to stay out of trouble. They gave me a good background. The MIS classes also helped a lot as I used excel quite often.

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